Welcome to Porto Valitsa

Porto Valitsa is a family business, which was founded in 1992.

Our desire to create a place for high quality holidays, in every season of the year, our knowledge and love for Halkidiki and our friends’ needs for this kind of holidays, gave us the motivation to create a place in which we are the hosts and you are our guests.

Lagoudakis Family

Your wedding

The atmosphere and the beauty of the place makes it ideal for you and your guests to celebrate this unique and special occasion in your life. We are available to organize all the details for you, simply by choosing from a variety of existing packages the one which suits you.
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Ichotopio – The Acoustic Enviroment

The Acoustic environment is being shaped by a number of different sources of sounds, such as anthropogenic (by human activities), biological (by biological processes) and geophysical (by weather and geomorphology e.g wind, waves).
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